• Systems for marking, locating and protecting underground infrastructure

  • Warning and location tapes

  • Wind farms - dedicated products

  • Cable and pipe protection

  • Road industry / Railway industry


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New ISO certificate

PTS Rabka sp. z o. o. is pleased to inform you that it has been continuously maintaining its quality for the last 20 years based on ISO certificates.

Dedicated products for wind farms

Being aware of the growing share of renewable energy in our country, we offer you the necessary products used to secure cables and pipes in the construction of wind farms. Please contact our sales department.

Novelty! Cable protection plates

DEKAB cover plates are used for the mechanical protection of cables (such as power and telecommunication cables) and underground pipelines.

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About us

PTS Rabka has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. From the beginning, the company has been producing location and warning tapes. Over more than two decades of activity, PTS Rabka has actively participated in the creation of marking systems as well as the location and protection of underground infrastructure, acquiring the necessary experience to gain a leading position in the industry.

Today, after almost 30 years, not only on the domestic market but also abroad, we offer our customers a complete system for marking, locating and protecting underground infrastructure. Currently, our product offerings consist of, among others, warning tapes and location tapes, electromagnetic markers (markers), marking and measuring posts, service multi-pits, cable chambers, plates for cable protection and many other connection and protective products for telecommunication, gas, water supply and power networks.

In addition, the company manufactures a wide range of bags for selective waste collection. All our products are made of the best and most durable materials and have all the necessary attestations and certificates.

More information about the products can be found in the "Offer" tab.

Why us?

  • Pioneer in the infrastructure marking and location system on the Polish market

  • Comprehensive marking and location systems

  • Almost 30 years of experience in marking and location of underground infrastructure

  • The exclusive supplier of products and services to major network operators in Poland

  • Quality guarantee and quick and timely execution of orders

  • Identification of new customer needs and professional help with implemented projects

Comprehensive marking and location systems Systems for marking, locating and protecting underground infrastructure – PTS Rabka

PTS Rabka is a company with almost 30 years of experience on the market. Our experience translates not only into the possibility of offering attractive prices, but also full professionalism in the selection of the products we have available. Systems for marking, locating and protecting underground infrastructure must be made of the highest quality components. Foils, cable trays, marking and measuring posts, posts with warning tapes or warning tapes from the manufacturers proposed by our company are characterized by their extraordinary durability, resistance to the most difficult weather conditions and excellent selection of materials of which they are made. Our comprehensive system for protecting and marking long-distance underground telecommunication lines consists, among others, of marking, marking and measuring posts, posts with warning tapes or warning tapes from the best manufacturers. The comprehensive range of offerings available on our website includes everything you need to protect and mark water supply, sewage and gas networks. Safety devices, warning tapes from domestic manufacturers and marking posts can also be found in the roads and power industry categories. We invite you to browse through our products!

Warning tapes – the basis for marking underground infrastructure.

What should they be characterized by? Contrary to appearance, the challenge faced by warning tape manufacturers is quite a big one. These simple products are useful for the proper marking of underground telecommunication, gas, power, sewage and water supply networks. Warning tapes are laid above wires or pipes, but underground so that in the event of an unwanted discovery of a given section of a route, bystanders are aware that underground infrastructure is routed in that place. Warning tapes from our top manufacturers have an informative function, while warning and location tapes are more advanced. Within the polyethylene material, a metal insert is implemented, which acts as a location marker. At its ends, it emerges over the surface running straight to the marking and measuring posts. Thanks to this, it is possible to collect data on the current condition of an underground infrastructure and its route. Posts with warning tapes connect warning tapes with warning posts. Each infrastructure segment is assigned a specific color, which is regulated by law. Posts with yellow tape are used to mark gas networks, orange is used to mark routes of underground telecommunication networks. Above sewage pipes, blue marking tapes are used, and above water supply pipes – brown or green ones. Posts with red warning tape or a red warning tape itself is a sign that a power network is routed in a given place.

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